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Through Virtual Hospital, the poor will be able to get diagnosed by doctors sitting in their own GP surgeries, or hospitals thousands of miles away using the Internet. If you are a doctor, consultant, medical practice, or hospital, then please help us provide essential healthcare to the poor.

Become a Medical volunteer

Virtual Hospital medical volunteers give life-saving medical assistance to people who would otherwise be denied access to basic healthcare services.   Volunteers are an essential part of the Virtual Hospital telemedicine program and we are building a strong team of reliable volunteer Consultants, Doctors and Nurses to provide Internet based medical consultations to the poor. As a Doctor, or Specialist Consultant we are keen to ensure that the time you volunteer is used in the most efficient way and as such we arrange your Virtual Hospital consultations so that you are able to help as many sick people as possible for the time you have allocated to us.  In many cases the consultations are undertaken in your own time whilst sitting at your computer in your own GP surgery, hospital, private practice, or home.

Joining a Chapter

Volunteers are medical specialists who provide free tele-consultations and clinical decision-making support to healthcare providers in remote and medically underserved areas.  All Volunteers enroll in the program through a Virtual Hospital Chapter.   Volunteers may choose to join an existing Chapter,  or begin one of their own. Any licensed physician may apply to create a new Chapter. At a minimum, a Chapter must designate a Chairperson who is responsible for bringing on new chapter members and verifying each member in their Chapter. More information on starting a Chapter and about the roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson and Secretary can be found by clicking on the Chapter Icon here.

Medical Volunteer qualifications

Virtual Hospital Medical Volunteers must be licensed to practice medicine in the jurisdiction in which they reside.  In addition, each Volunteer must agree to provide a minimum of four medical tele-consultations per month through the Virtual Hospital program, which can be undertaken from their workplace or home.

Technical requirements

A computer with Internet Explorer A high speed Internet connection. An email facility to undertake off-line diagnosis of patients. A web camera to undertake possible video consultations with patients.

Tools and features

Virtual Hospital Volunteers use the Virtual Hospital website to provide consultations.  Features include:

  • E-mail and mobile notification of new cases
  • Personal homepage from which Volunteers can manage and respond to cases.
  • Ability to choose the number of monthly cases diagnosed (minimum 4)

Time commitment and convenience

All Medical Volunteers agree to provide a minimum of four tele-consultations per month.  Volunteers can provide consultations from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere they have an internet connection, at a time that is convenient to them.  Providing an initial consultation typically takes less than half an hour.

Notifying you of a patient Consultation

Medical Volunteers are notified by e-mail and mobile text messaging when a consultation is needed in their specialty area. Volunteers log in to the Virtual Hospital website to review the details of the case and decide whether or not to accept the case.  Once accepted the Medical Volunteer then has 48 hours to provide the diagnosis and treatment.

Responding to requests

Virtual Hospital Volunteers use the Virtual Hospital website to respond to consultation requests.  Volunteers access the cases by logging onto Virtual Hospital and use the built-in communication tools to provide advice and guidance to the patient.  The Medical Volunteer may undertake a video consultation with the patient, or simply provide a diagnosis and treatment by email after reviewing the patients medical records.

Patient privacy

are entered without patients’ names and are transmitted securely by the Virtual Hospital system.  All correspondence about clinical cases should be conducted through the secure Virtual Hospital system.  Participants should handle case information in the same manner as any other medical record.

Benefits of participation

Virtual Hospital enables Volunteers to help those in need from the convenience of their own home or office. By offering their expertise, Volunteers help to improve healthcare for those who otherwise would not have access to specialized services. In addition, Virtual Hospital provides the opportunity to network with third world based specialists and participate in a unique exchange of information and knowledge.

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