About us Ahout us Virtual Hospital seeks to ensure that the benefits of modern medicine are available to all people and that the poor are not deprived of medical treatment for want of money, or a lack of access to effective healthcare. What we do What we do Virtual Hospital exists on the World Wide Web rather than as a traditional brick building. We link patients in poor rural areas to volunteer doctors across the world using telemedicine online video. Save a life online Save a life online More than 10 million children die each year, most from preventable causes and almost all in poor countries.. Many poor people cannot afford the simplest of medical treatment and as a result die unnecessarily. Doctors join us Doctors join us Through Virtual Hospital, the poor will be able to get diagnosed by doctors sitting in their own GP surgeries, or hospitals thousands of miles away using the Internet. If you are a doctor, consultant, medical practice, or hospital, then please help us provide essential healthcare to the poor. Get involved At Virtual Hospital we welcome individuals and companies who can help us achieve our goal to provide quality medical care to the poor. Get involved